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    Refillable Brewed Coffee

    Have a cup of freshly brewed coffee to perk you up. Ask for another cup and it will give you burst of energy for FREE. Bring your colleague to enjoy our tempting offer. Let us talk over a cup of coffee.

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    Go Japanese

    Join us every Wednesday Night to savour the famous Japanese Cuisine prepared in a way that has to be done. Satisfy your craving for authentic Japanese Food and Eat-All-You-Can! Buffet starts @ 6PM onwards.

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    Ilokano Appetizer

    A sensational collection of traditional Ilokano appetizer that captures the essence of the cuisine. Cooked in tasteful way to satisfy your delicate taste. Try now!

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Sevilla Center, City of San Fernando, La Union, Philppines, 2500
Telephone: 006372 242-56-21
Telefax: 006372 242-56-31
E-mail Address: oasis@cjfernandez.com

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