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Welcome to Oasis Country Resort.
A Stylish Hotel in the Heart of La Union.

about      Oasis Country Resort is a dynamic evolution in itself and a milestone for the province of La Union. The hotel-resort started as a single proprietorship in 1963. It was incorporated and registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1975. With a vision to be global, preferred and the best and a mission to give its customers great value, delightful experience and to achieve a sustainable growth, came a remarkable moment when the development of the hotel got into fruition in 1996, the same year when it was finally inaugurated and known as OASIS COUNTRY RESORT.

     Oasis is owned and managed by La Union Country Resort Hotel, Inc. (LUCRHI), the highest rated Triple "A" resort accredited by the Department of Tourism (DOT) and hailed as the "Healthiest Hotel in Region I" by the Department of Health (DOH). Strategically located right at the heart of La Union at San Fernando City, the coastal capital city of La Union, is an investment paradise. This emerging Subic version of the North-Western Luzon Growth Quadrangle is an important trading and commercial center being a home to several major industries in the Region. Host to Poro Point Special Economic and Free Port Zone and Regional government agencies, San Fernando City is considered the growth center of the Region. San Fernando is also a favorite destination of tourists especially during summer. La Union and the surrounding provinces is also perfect for out of town escapades with its clear, pristine beaches ideal for swimming, snorkeling, jet-skiing and surfing; and many historical and religious sites for recollection and pilgrimage.

     Undoubtedly, Oasis is a boost to the tourism industry. The hotel continues to be the most favorite destination in the Ilocos Region for business and pleasure guests alike. It has also been the preferred site of banquets, balls, dinners, luncheons, conventions, meetings for the civic, social, business and political organizations of La Union and its surrounding provinces, state and national organizations. It is also the priority choice of foreign-accrediting companies and a host to many international events such as medical missions and outreach programs.

Anchored in the unique hospitality and warmth of its people, Oasis is a recognized trailblazer in the industry.

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Contact Us

Sevilla Center, City of San Fernando, La Union, Philppines, 2500
Telephone: 006372 242-56-21
Telefax: 006372 242-56-31
E-mail Address: oasis@cjfernandez.com

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